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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How are Jvapa Rice products different from conventional refined flour products?

    For a very long time, rice had been one of the main foods eaten by people all over the world. The anti-inflammatory and digestive effects of rice are just a few of its many health advantages. Jvapa made the decision to create value-added rice products in order to revolutionise Indian eating practises. This also allows gluten intolerant people to enjoy such products. On the other hand, consumption of refined flour (Maida) products, is not regarded as a healthy eating habit, due to its high glycemic index, which promotes obesity. The digestive cycle is also disturbed. Therefore, Jvapa’s rice goods are unlike traditional items and considerably more wholesome and delicious than products made from refined flour.

    Are these products completely Gluten Free?

    Yes, most Jvapa products are simply made by combining rice and water during processing and rice is naturally gluten-free. Therefore, Jvapa products can also satisfy the taste buds of those who are gluten intolerant.

    Where can I find recipes for Unique Jvapa products?

    For exciting recipes and information, you can check out the blog section of our website or sign up for our newsletter. Additionally, on the backside of each Jvapa product packaging, there are recipes and cooking instructions mentioned.

    Where can Jvapa products be bought from?

    All our products are available on www.jvapafoods.com and on all leading E-commerce websites. Also we are coming soon in your nearest retail stores & grocery chains.

    Is Gluten bad for health?

    Though gluten is not bad for health, some people are intolerant towards it, which means that when gluten is digested, their bodies respond abnormally with their immune systems. However, research shows that India has the largest population of celiac disease sufferers in the world, numbering in the millions but the amount of gluten-free food available to them and other health-conscious consumers falls far short of the need.Currently the only treatment for celiac disease is a strict, 100% gluten-free diet. Jvapa is simply a better choice for people to enjoy gluten free meals.

    What is the shelf life of the products & what are the preservatives added in the products?

    Jvapa goods have a remarkable 18-month shelf life from the date of packaging. This may come as a surprise to you but we are happy to confirm that all Jvapa products are entirely free of preservatives. As a result, you may enjoy your Jvapa meal without worrying about preservatives.

    What are the key ingredients in Jvapa products?

    Most of Jvapa’s products contain only rice and water as their key ingredients.Additionally, Jvapa’s Rice sheet contains a slight amount of Tapioca starch for improved flavour and binding qualities.

    Where can I find the nutritional values of the Jvapa Products?

    All the nutritional values have been clearly mentioned on the rear side of each Jvapa product that you buy.

    Are Jvapa products veg ?

    Jvapa products are purely Vegetarian and you can completely rely on them. Moreover, all our products are manufactured in a facility where no non-vegetarian processing takes place.

    How to trust the quality standards at Jvapa ?

    All our products are fully processed in units which follow all food and safety guidelines laid by FSSAI. All our raw materials and finished products are tested periodically to maintain the standard quality parameters. We also have strict quality checks before any product leaves our facility and reaches your plates.So, trust us on quality standards and enjoy your Jvapa products.

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