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At Jvapa Foods, we believe that rice is the perfect base for our products. Rice is a staple food in many cultures, particularly in India and Asian countries, where it has been an essential part of the diet for centuries. Rice is known for its versatility, nutrition, and ability to complement other ingredients perfectly, making it an ideal ingredient for our rice-based products.

Rice has a rich history in India, dating back to ancient times. It is believed that rice cultivation started in the eastern part of India around 3000 BC. Since then, rice has become an integral part of the Indian diet and culture. It is not only a food but also a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and fertility.

In Asian countries like China, Japan, and Thailand, rice has also been a crucial part of their history and culture. In China, rice cultivation started over 5000 years ago, and it was considered a luxury food reserved for the wealthy. In Japan, rice is an essential part of their cuisine, with sushi being one of the most popular dishes worldwide. In Thailand, rice is not only a food but also an integral part of their culture, with festivals dedicated to celebrating the rice harvest.

Apart from its cultural significance, rice is also a highly nutritious ingredient. It is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Rice is also gluten-free, making it an ideal ingredient for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

At Jvapa Foods, we choose rice as our main ingredient because of its rich history, cultural significance, versatility, and nutritional value. We are dedicated to providing our customers with premium rice-based products that are not only delicious but also authentic and healthy.

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Rice Sheet

Replacing high-calorie refined
flour with rice paper can help you enjoy the spring rolls without feeling guilty.

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Jvapa’s noodles are made from rice…

My kids are very fond of eating noodles but I didn’t want them to eat them because noodles are made from maida and not good for their health. But after knowing that Jvapa’s noodles are made from rice, my problem was solved. Rice is something that we eat everyday so now I don’t have any problem with my kids eating noodles. Also they like the taste of rice noodles more than the regular noodles.

Barkha Sinha

Tasty & Healthy…

Really tasty and healthy.

Preeti Alloria

Perfect healthy choice…

Perfect healthy choice to replace maida products.

Gayatri Pathak

Prepared purely from rice…

I could not at first recognize that Jvapa’s spring rolls were prepared Purely from rice. It tasted better than regular maida spring rolls and were much healthier. I would definitely recommend Jvapa’s rice products to everyone.

Vinay Sinha

Favourite snack…

I am now able to treat my kids with their favourite snack without worrying about their health.

Ranjana Singh

Loved the texture…

Loved the texture and will definitely switch to these.

Rajeev Kaikaya

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