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FLAT RICE STICK NOODLES – Goodness of Healthy Beans (Pack of 2)


Key Ingredients: Rice, Black bean, Mungbean, Red bean, Soyabean and Sesame seeds.
Net Weight: 2 x 250 Grams

Opt for a nutritious twist on traditional Pad Thai with our flat rice stick noodles in wholegrain flavor.


Infused with the goodness of 5 powerful beans, these noodles are here to give you healthy indulgence.

Amazing Benefits:

Red bean, Black bean, Mungbean, Soyabean, and Sesame seeds are packed with plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to better digestion, heart health, and overall well-being.


Step 1: Boil Jvapa Stick noodles completely soaked in water for about 10 mins.

Step 2: Strain and rinse with cold water once cooked.

Step 3: Add a couple of drops of oil so it doesn’t stick.

Step 4: Stir fry with veggies and enjoy!


2 x 250 grams


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