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FLAT RICE STICK NOODLES – Brown Rice (Pack of 2)


Key Ingredients: Rice and Brown rice
Net Weight: 2 x 250 Grams

Experience the wonderful taste of Pad Thai with the added benefits of brown rice in our delightful rice stick noodles.


With the delicious taste of our brown rice stick noodles, you don’t have to compromise on flavor.

Amazing Benefits:

Brown rice is known for its mineral content, and now you can enjoy it in a delightful noodle form.


Step 1: Boil Jvapa Stick noodles completely soaked in water for about 10 mins.

Step 2: Strain and rinse with cold water once cooked.

Step 3: Add a couple of drops of oil so it doesn’t stick.

Step 4: Stir fry with veggies and enjoy!


2 x 250 grams


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